Friday, December 25, 2009

Modern Coffee Table Designs What Type Of Coffee Table Do You Prefer?

What type of coffee table do you prefer? - modern coffee table designs

What is your gender?
AB Male Female How old are you?
At least 13 B 14-19 C 20-35 D 45-60 F60 E 36 -40 above 3.WOULD to buy things that harm the environment? A: Yes BNo4 want to buy items that brought against the morale of the employees were too? AB Yes No
5.Do you think a coffee table is for a house need?
AYesB No6. Do you have a coffee table in your living room?
Make A: Yes B No7.What / use a coffee table?
Do you drink coffee table map pounds + BCD Game Articles by EA for the decoration of furniture 8.What Other House Type E and the design as you? AB buys Deco Bauhaus Modern Classic D Eothen: 9.Which two materials are best suited for coffee table? A plastic timber End B + C + BWood glass, wood + metal + metal 10.What kind DPlastic coffee table, is better for a timber? A polyurethane-coated W Color finish.What open for a coffee table clothes? A warm color (red, orange, brown bcool) Color


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