Saturday, January 2, 2010

Arabic English Keyboard How Do You Figure Out The Keyboard From English To Arabic?

How do you figure out the keyboard from english to arabic? - arabic english keyboard

I turn my keyboard Arabic alphabet, but the letters on the keyboard of my computer in the English language is different, then Arabic, and when I type a word, we need to know how to write it in Arabic, so you can write scripts on the equipment?


ShaykhDa... said...

Of course, the lyrics are different. The keyboard has 26 letters in the Arabic language has 28 consonants only. In addition, the keyboards are configured so that the most common letters are not easy to type ... Playing the keyboard in English!

If you want to badly enough, you can learn by trial and error. First, a note of the keys to the house and go from there. So, go to Google, click on "images" and search for "Arabic keyboard" and the use of images to help you.

Good luck!

James S said...

You can on the net for a translator or a paste books.Other Search See a chimpanzee is smarter than me.

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