Monday, January 11, 2010

Ulcerative Colitis Surgery What Type Of Food Should A Ulcerative Colitis Patient Eat?

What type of food should a Ulcerative Colitis patient eat? - ulcerative colitis surgery

What kind of food when eating a patient with ulcerative colitis?


sharon g said...

Some foods that have informed me that a contact can cause up,
are anythihng tomatoes or tomato, spicy food.
Sometimes dairy products. I have some time to try different things and write what is
I can also put down if you have any reaction to it and if I can go to the doctor you tell that I had the same effect.

Simon S said...

Just kind of depends on your stomach can handle spicy food can appear in the rule. The rice is good and cooked potatoes. I have ulcerative colitis and that is what we usually eat when I have a home.

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