Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sammie B Freeones Is R&b Singer Sammie Dating Anyone What Is R&B Singer Sammie Website?

What is R&B singer Sammie Website? - sammie b freeones is r&b singer sammie dating anyone

I got your website so that you can find your new song. 'Cause I love it! if u know the song, please let me know (will not You Should Be My Girl) is a slow song that has the word on the trip or something


fjmarie1 said...

Is that all?

Title You Should Be My Girl
Artist (s) Sammie Lil '

(Featuring Sean Paul of Youngbloodz)

[Jazze Pha]
Ladies and Gentlemen:

[Big Boi]
You got me girl we should not be the thing
You got me girl we should not be the thing
You got me girl we should not be the thing
You got me girl we should not be the thing
We could the thing
We could the thing

I know that me, I did a little digging
So I did my thing I know, it joinin
now warmer than gettin groovy juccuzzi,
Shorty Want to stop it, I see
Otha children and is not
Hatin, I try to do is not the same,
from front to back shorty side to side and lean wit
(mind you one Solja now)

Cases, when you fly girls
You should come to my house
But it has been flip
If you knew he was here
I know, but in trippin

You should be my girl, my girl (BE MY)
You should be my girl be my) you should be my girl

Its all ova town and give, if not now,
We continue to do so, so great, oooh Wit It,
You betta gone wit, i luv the way
You break it, I Jones for all of you in my bones for you,
wakin three clock in the mone for you I Neva baby sweat, but if you love me
Baby, let him know that ima



YoungBloodz Sean Paul

[Sean Paul]
You and I, a young girl who could make the Thang
Put it in the Chevy let the handful of wood grain,
since in the idea of jeans, apple bottom,
Calderon House
Some executives of channels, you're in the CELARG
Got You Callin Sharman,
Ridin good Got You Got You Poppin Champaigne
U Got U Ridin Dirty throwin the A
Got ya lil niece callin semi all day in Chirpin
Nextel my on my 2-way Sendin cute messages
dat on his face, he said I had grown up dat
not play
And if allna then all the bees, such as A, and
My daughter was not the thing, tell them I
He can say what bling bling tell em em that your good
Tell Em is not the same Tell em Sean Paul
the money is not a thing



[Jazze Pha]
Ladies and Gentlemen:
Now he is in harmony with the best
Jazze Phizzle
My man Sammie

Lilmamac... said...

His website is

Bet his official MySpace address (as I said, to Julisa Center) is

Could the song one last chance?

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