Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zankou Chicken Chicken Tarna Calories Is The Middle-eastern Dish Chicken Tarna Healthy? Is Hummus Healthy? How Many Calories/carbs In These Dishes?

Is the middle-eastern dish chicken tarna healthy? is hummus healthy? How many calories/carbs in these dishes? - zankou chicken chicken tarna calories

These are my favorite dishes to Zankou Chicken, and do not eat the pita bread, limiting their carbohydrate intake, but not able to find anywhere on how many carbs / fat / calories, etc., and Zankou Chicken Tarna Hummus.


Lisa said...

= Hummus hummus, very good, but ... Age of calories from carbohydrates

Ken said...

There are more than just hummus hummus! Spices are usually garlic, lemon juice and others, and then the right creamy tahini (a sesame spread, peanut butter, sesame seeds) and / or oil. Thus it can be very high in fat and calories. It has lots of fiber, but still a considerable dose of carbs, if you look at 'em. This 35g per cup?

Tarna do not know if the chicken! Good luck.

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