Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gmac Financing What Are The Implications Of Turning In A Vehicle Purchased With The GMAC Smartbuy Finance Contract Early?

What are the implications of turning in a vehicle purchased with the GMAC Smartbuy finance contract early? - gmac financing

He bought a Pontiac Vibe '05 January '05 SMARTBUY of GMAC financing within 48 months of work. You want to buy the company another car (cash). What are the consequences or sanctions, and the elimination of $ 250? Are we locked into the contract until the end of 48 months? All information would be appreciated!



The Foosaaaah said...

it can not.

vettesla... said...

is quite close to the contract, unless you want to pay all fines, which I think is the balance of payments.

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