Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Budget Av What Is The Best Budget 5.1 AV Receiver? TIA?

What is the best budget 5.1 AV receiver? TIA? - best budget av

If you are a kind of sound, Onkyo really deadly unit entry-level users. The HT-R8230 is a powerful receiver, is the only standard options video (composite only). It is one of the best receivers I've heard in the category of less than 2000. It really is a unity of his boss, and you can create a home theater in a box, enter for $ 300. The package includes a powerful subwoofer and well-designed neodymium speakers. I liked this package which I bought for my girlfriend received when she asked me what your home theater. I am an engineer, and I stand with this brand. It does not distort competition or metallic sound Denon, they are more reliable for Pioneer, and sound better than Yamaha. If you are a little more, or check spendingut-Harmon Kardon is what I use in my home theater. Onkyo is my favorite brand of the other.

If you are a kind of screen, a Yamaha RX-V459 is a recipient of Nice. It has component inputs and it sounds very good indeed. I have for about $ 250 in my local electronics store.

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The-Real... said...

Onkyo will give you a bang for the buck. Class A Machine!

mimalmo said...

You can not go wrong with the initial Yamaha and Denon.

N3WJL said...

Another thing that I am the Sony, it is nonsense

The Bose Lifestyle 28 AWSOME, but replace it with something, but the budget.

Save up to something better ... Trust me, you lose your $ $ $ on the equipment budget.

SDave said...

Yamaha HTR range and you will find a great artist at an affordable price.

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