Tuesday, February 16, 2010

P.m.s More Condition_symptoms P.m.s Or Pregnancy? Pregnancy Ladies I Need Your IMPUT?

P.m.s or pregnancy? pregnancy ladies i need your IMPUT? - p.m.s more condition_symptoms

I, on the average experience PMS 12-13 days before my time. this month i havent got the usual PMS do. Ive tried for a baby this month and had sex 2 a.m. to 1 p.m. the day before my ovulation. now in 10dpo, 3 days of my time and my breasts were slightly injured. and my breasts have been in the middle knows ..

I also had a big gas --
a lot of heartburn
Increasing the water-white discharge
Anxiety and pain in the ovaries
my nipples are sore, and now they're more sensitive when touched or rubbed.
Fatigue (I feel like its harder to go on the block, since it is a burden on the shoulders)
and what I think (but maybe in my head), nausea

Now remember, in the last 10 days of ovulationtion *

They ◘ any of these symptoms or something happens to you all the time or before you knew you were pregnant?


Anonymous said...

I had very similar symptoms to yours has 3 weeks, and convinced that she was pregnant. Turned out not to and had a little problem with a cyst on my neck.
The experiment, there is always a coincidence or design, wait) and know testit really the only way!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have the expierence more, after I have become pregnant and that you are pregnant in May ....... wait until your period will come when they would go a test

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