Monday, February 22, 2010

Lewis Dot Structure For Clf2 Can Any One Please Explain How To Write The Lewis Dot Structure For Compounds/molecules?

Can any one please explain how to write the lewis dot structure for compounds/molecules? - lewis dot structure for clf2

I know how to write a Lewis dot structure of an element, but I am totally confused at all as writing for her connections, the book is not going to help, and my teacher is very confusing!


biire2u said...

It is always better to follow an elaborate example, because a picture is worth a thousand words. But look at the nitrite ion (NO2-) from Wikipedia and then follow the steps. The measures in this work for almost all compounds. You need to locate the central atom, which circle the greatest burden for her and the other atoms it takes.

The H2O is the more electronegative oxygen atom, and tries to satisfy the octet rule. Hydrogen atoms have only one electron, so it must share its electrons with the oxygen to oxygen with a full byte.

Remember, the central atom to be neutral, so they share electrons with everything in the complex to ensure that the requirements are ocet determined primarily on the rule. In general, the more electronegative (chlorine orxygen, fluorine, are nitrogen atoms), the central atoms.

Check out this link section "Example: Lewis structure of the nitrite ion, and follow the steps for all Composite ...

animanga... said...

For most, like the atoms in the central atom happy. Like the entire bytes (8-e). Some atoms, such as metals can be more than 8, but most of them only 8, which is the key for the allocation of bonds

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