Monday, February 8, 2010

Whats The 12 On Alabamas Helmet For What Is The Meaning Of The Number 12 On Alabamas Football Helmet?

What is the meaning of the number 12 on Alabamas football helmet? - whats the 12 on alabamas helmet for

by the number of Jersey. It seems it was the helmet was the player whose number 12


dingram1... said...

I think your reference to show the torso when sports center, etc.. Devices with a different helmet. Alabama has his number on their helmets, and 12 is very representative of Alabama, North Carolina 12, Alabama, many players wore the famous number 12, and so on.

Go Blue said...

The number of players in his helmet. Alabama # 12 would have only 12 on his helmet.

chrisd59... said...

Many college football teams used to put numbers on their helmets, but Alabama is one of the few schools that still do.

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