Thursday, February 11, 2010

Horse Bang Rapidshare What Color Tack Should I Buy For My Barrel Horse?

What color tack should I buy for my barrel horse? - horse bang rapidshare

Now I train my Arab gelding 7 years old to run barrels. I ran in the last 3 years, my horse is the color "lime green" color is awsome! But now I begin to make, and I would like to know what color should I buy for my black Arabic! I prefer a bright or neon colors, so that we can go with a bang! Any advice would be great! Thank you!


Jenny D said...

Yes pink chair would be best for your horse barrel. One of my friends and bought a horse harness barrels a famous shop for all types of accessories saddle. You can buy gold tactics, as they are both on your horse.

gotcuddl... said...


Red would look really good

Always mix your colors. For example, asking, lime green and neon blue, your 2 colors. or pale green and fluorescent orange.

CRCR said...

I went with a bright red wolud him seem even more dramatic. :)

Bright light blue would be nice too.

Jenna I said...

Gold is very black Arabs

GSD Girl said...

Personally, I like .. Hot Pink and of course, if your gelding is brave enough to wear pink, it's a real man.

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