Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pokemon Fire Red Codebreaker Codes Vba Why Are The Cheats Not Working?????

Why are the cheats not working????? - pokemon fire red codebreaker codes vba

I have pokemon in VBA, I found many tips and Codebreaker GameShark, I followed all the steps (ie, the master code) and codes help still not working, someone who really need these codes

Thanks in advance
appriciate the help ..


Phillip J said...

because you suck. the freaking game like everyone else. you suck. stop codes. you suck. Power play, even if your search Ganna case for them. you suck. What is the point to win, if your Ganna trap? you suck.

PS in the category of the head is Playstation.

Johnny B. said...

The man said to me first! This question is closed XD XD

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